Collection: Lume

I’m Shannon Klingman, the inventor of Lume (pronounced loo-mee).

I’m the type of person who’s not satisfied with the status quo. If I see something that needs to change, you’ll find me jumping at the opportunity to fix it.

Until Lume, there hasn’t been any innovation in deodorant for over a century. Aluminum was first used in an antiperspirant in 1903, and other aluminum-free deodorant companies have commercialized deodorants you could make in your own home.

But my story didn’t actually start with frustrations I was having with antiperspirants and deodorants on the market.

The idea of Lume came to me when I was doing my residency to become an OB/GYN. Time and time again I was noticing women coming to the doctor complaining about odor below the belt and leaving with a false diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis—or BV—and a prescription for an antibiotic they didn’t usually need. It felt wrong, and I was determined to find a better solution for these often misdiagnosed women.

As I started looking into it, I realized that the problem was more often than not an external one, and an external problem requires an external solution. At the time, there wasn’t an effective home remedy for women coming into my practice with odor concerns, unless they needed antibiotics.


And the available deodorants that professed to control the odor were, at best, ineffective; and in many cases, bad for the body.

So I dug in, and for the better part of 10 years, I worked on finding a solution. I knew the science existed and I just needed to discover it.

Over time, through clinical-testing, I was able to prove that the real culprit of most body odor is actually the bacteria on the skin digesting bodily fluids. We’re familiar with that reaction in our underarms, and it actually happens everywhere on our body. This finding was critical and it represented real hope for people suffering with low self-esteem due to their B.O.

It wasn’t long until I was able to “whip up” the first version of Lume in my kitchen. I had my sister try it. The next time I saw her, she told me it made her “lady parts” smell like the back of her hand. That’s when I knew we were on to something good.

It was a long journey from my kitchen to where Lume is today, but I’m so excited that Lume has quickly become one of the leading natural deodorants on the market, and the very best “all-over” deodorant in the world.

Lume actually prevents external body odor from happening in the first place by stopping the odor-causing reaction from happening on our skin.


Lume is made from naturally-derived ingredients and is also aluminum-free, baking soda-free, and cruelty-free, so you can feel confident using it on even your most sensitive skin. And, it’s clinically-proven to control odor—anywhere on the body—for 72 hours.

Just about everyone who tries Lume, loves it. Even Barrie Drewitt, the leading “Odor Guru” of Princeton Consumer Research. Barrie has been smelling armpits for over 20 years, and Lume took him by surprise. You have to try it for yourself—you’ll be surprised too and it won’t be long before you’re carelessly skipping showers every now and again.

What started years ago as a quest to find an effective solution for “feminine” odor has become an opportunity to give women and men everywhere the confidence to live their very best lives—free from body odor and self-doubt!

-Shannon Klingman, M.D.